Ask a Simple Question



I sit in meetings and there’s lots of talk of ecosystems, convergence, big data.

But, does all this talk simply make a complicated environment more complicated, and are we losing sight of the best way to make the right media choices.

Maybe some simple human questions could help us make sensible decisions about which channels to use and how to use them.

Every successful channel seems to cater for a big and simple human need, so lets ask some big and simple human questions.

If Facebook is social and social is primarily about connecting with friends through conversations then the question is

Why would anybody want to talk about us?

If Google is search and search is about looking for things then the question is

Why would anybody want look for us?

If Twitter is about the people and things that interest us then the question is

Why would they follow us?

If Apps are about adding usefulness then the question is

How could we be useful?

If Pinterest is a shop window

Why would anybody look at us?

And if good old TV or YouTube is about watching things then the questions is

Why would anybody want to watch us?

The list goes on

If we can answer the question clearly and positively there’s probably a pretty good reason to be in the channel, if not we probably shouldn’t be in it at all.

Too often we fail to ask the simple human questions, pump content out across the latest newest channels and then wonder why nobody seems to be taking any notice.

So let’s not complicate things.

Sometimes all you need is a simple human question.


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